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Roof-outrigger-detail, hi guys can someone please explain to me how the outriggers of a gable roof frame are usually designed and detailed so they can support a fascia as illustrated. Ctbuh technical guides outrigger design for high-rise buildings an output of the ctbuh outrigger working group hi sun choi, goman ho, leonard joseph & neville mathias, find the best pitched roof outrigger at the no.1 website chutes international. find out more!. Build 139 — december 2013/january 2014 — 39 build 142 — june/july 2014 — 39 constructing timber outriggers design right by roger shelton, branz senior structural engineer figure 1 verge outrigger framing. truss outrigger blocking fly rafter on edge, outrigger framing plan and details, r. s. tucker house, raleigh, north carolina.

Page 20. vu20976 – roof framing 22216vic – certificate ii in building and construction (carpentry) ©copyright l.a.p.tek pty. ltd. parts of a roof, the outrigger is part of the house, usually incorperating the kichen area, that comes out at 90 degrees to the main building. the roof will have a valley where it meets the main house, if you had a birds eye view of your house it would be l shaped.. Residential details. here you can view and download individual floor and roof details for your use. if you don’t have autocad, you will need to sign up for a free account and use autodesk viewer, a web-based applications. alternatively, you can download a free viewer by visiting this link and downloading the dwg trueview application.. the details on this site are recommended for all i-joists ..., installation guidelines for timber roof trusses (to be read in conjunction with as4440-2004) september 2016 3. 1.5 ancillary timber . check that adequate ancillary timber is available where.

Floor construction details the floor construction details below are intended to be used when specifying the lumberworx i-beam (lib)88s and during construction. if you have any questions regarding these details, please call the lumberworx team for guidance. if you would like the entire set of lib constriction details, please contact the team.